Pipe Sleeve (Insert Sleeve)

Pipe Sleeve / Insert Sleeve

Product Detail :

Insert Sleeve is an alternative solution to expensive weld line coating through robotics & other means.

Pipe Sleeve (Insert Sleeve) is used for heat insulation to prevent the pipeline from getting heated through the welding procedure. It creates an insulate mechanism where even during the welding procedure all the heat is absorbed by the materials used in the coating sleeve.
The other usage or application of the product is to protect the weld line from corrosion. It can be used in both onshore & offshore pipeline installation. Welding Corrosion is protected with different types of coating based on application & temperature usage.

Pipe sleeve suitable for all sizes of Line Pipe complete with mask and all associated material. To provide corrosion protection on internally coated pipe that is damaged by the heat from welding process.
These products can be used in both onshore and offshore applications and constructed to accommodate any size, grade or configuration of piping system. The sleeves and fittings are compatible with liquid or powder coatings, which are chosen based on operating environment specifics

Size :

Min 60.3 mm OD pipe to 1828.8 mm OD.

Grade :

High Tensile Sleeve - YS Min 65000 , UTS min 77000

Problem Solver:

During the welding process, heat generated within the pipe will burn back the internal plastic coating approximately 1-2 inches from the welding seam. This sleeves and fittings are designed to isolate the burn-back of the coating and protect the steel substrate.

Advantage :

Backing ring and heat tape to reduce excessive temperatures
Holiday-free connection area
X-ray compatible with API and ASME
Fast and flexible method of field construction

Configuration :

Sleeve is an unbelled connection system designed to protect internal coatings during welding.
It is a belled connection system allowing for a non-restricted I.D
The insert fittings are fabricated for multiple configurations that help in modifications or repairs: tie-ins, terminations, flanges and elbows.

Color Coating :

Excellent resistance to sea water.
Can resist up to 120 deg cel temperature.
Excellent cathodic disbondment resistance.
Cure under immersed conditions.
Can be applied externally & internally.
Suitable for buried application.
Gloss level - Glossy Finish.

Applications :

  1. Cement Coated Pipeline
  2. Fire Line
  3. Water Pipe Line
  4. Internal Coated Pipeline
  5. Water Injection Lines
  6. Fire Water Lines
  7. Onshore Pipelines
  8. Offshore Pipelines
  9. Coated Pipe Lines


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