Half Repair Pipe Sleeve

Half Repair Pipe Sleeve

Product Detail :

Half Repair Sleeves are designed to avoid a costly shut down. Existing lines can be cased without thru-put loss, because it is not necessary to shut down the carrier line to perform the required repair. Afull socpe of sizes, ASTM grades of steel plate (structurral and pressure vessel quality), wall thickness and longitudinal edge options are available. Half Repair Sleeve also called split casing or half wrap, are custom-fabricated to your specifications, to assure a precision product and secure fit.

Material :

Material used to form Half Repair Sleeve are from stock structural quality carbon steel or pressure vessel quality carbon steel plates, which are to ASTM specifications, and in the following grades : ASTM A36 (structural : minimum yield 36,000 psi),
ASTM A572 GR50 (structural : minimum yield 50,000 psi)
ASTM A572 GR65 (structural : minimum yield 65,000 psi)
ASTM A516 GR70 (pressure vessel: minimum yield 38,000 psi)
ASTM A537 Class I(pressure vessel: minimum yield 50,000 psi)
The chemical composition does not exceed the percentage specified for the ASTM material ordered. Repair Sleeves are fabricated from plate with low carbon equivalency for good weldability.
The maximum allowable carbon equivalency (CE) for structural quality carbon steel plates & pressure vessel quality carbon steel plates will be based on heat analysis.

Manufacturing :

It is formed by rolling, step braking, or die forming without the use of heat treating.

Longitudinal edges of the Half Repair Sleeves are bevelled for welding, if required at 30º. The bevel are a mechanical type and/or produced by plasma torch burning.
Half Repair Sleeves have sheared square edges for fillet welding, unless square end bevel is required.

Milling of Half Repair Sleeve for Backing Strips:

Half Repair Sleeves can be milled on the inside longitudinal edges for the backing strips. Depth of 1/16"(.0625) -0" +1/32" and width of 5/8"(.625) -0 + 1/16" on each side. Outside longitudinal edges are bevelled 30º (+5º - 0º) for welding. Image below shows with one side milled for backing strip and other side with backing strip in milled groove.


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